Osmium (Os) - Properties

Atomic mass, symbol and atomic number

osmium is a naturally occurring element with the element symbol Os and the atomic number 76. In the periodic table it stands with an atomic mass of 190.23 u in the 8th subgroup. The chemical element discovered by Smithson Tennant in 1804 is not radioactive and is in a solid state at room temperature.

Profile: Osmium (English osmium)

Chemical element:osmium
Atomic number:76
Group:iron group
Series:Transition metals
Appearance:gray with a slight blue cast
explorers:Smithson Tennant
Year of discovery:1804
Atomic properties
Atomic mass:190,23 u
Atomic radius:130 pm
Covalent radius:128 pm
Van der Waals radius:unknown
Electron configuration:Xe 4f14 5d6 6s2
ionization:840 kJ / mol
Physical Properties
Physical state:firmly
Crystal structure:hexagonal
molar volume:8,42 · 10-6 m3/ mol
Mohs hardness:7
Melting point:3100 ° C
Boiling point:5000 ° C
Heat of fusion:31.8 kJ / mol
Heat of vaporization:678 kJ / mol
Thermal conductivity:88 W
Chemical properties

Did you know that ...

  • Osmium belongs to the rarest elements of the periodic table?
  • Smithson Tennant, the discoverer of Osmium, also discovered the Iridium?
  • the metal osmium is too expensive to be used economically?