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The Golden Eagle - Wanted poster

Characteristics Name: Golden eagle Latin name: Aquila chrysaetos Class: Birds Size: 70 - 100cm Weight: 3000 - 7000g Age: 15 - 25 years Appearance: dark brown plumage Sex dimorphism: yes Nutrition type: carnivore Nutrition: hare, marmot, roe Deer distribution: North America, Eurasia, North Africa native origin: unknown sleep-wake cycle: active in the daytime habitat: open terrain for hunting, high trees / mountains for breeding natural enemies: no sexual maturity: from the age of five mating season: January - February breeding season: 40 - 45 days Size of eggs: 1 - 3 eggs Social behavior: Family group Threatened by extinction: Yes You can find further profiles of animals in the Encyclopaedia of Animals.
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What tree has three balls

I have seen this tree in Spain and Portugal. Its leaves and bark bring to mind the American Sycamore or London Plane Tree, but not exactly. Also, it has three spherical fruits, an arrangement I am
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Erbium (Er) properties

Atomic mass, symbol and atomic number Erbium is a natural element with the elemental symbol He and atomic number 68. In the periodic table it belongs to the lanthanides with an atomic mass of 167,26 u. The chemical element discovered by Carl Gustav Mosander in 1843 is not radioactive and is in a solid state of aggregation at room temperature.
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